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Ohio Equipment Appraisal Services: Advice for Accurate Appraisals


  1. Financial Reporting: Companies may require equipment appraisals for financial reporting purposes. Accurate valuation of equipment is essential for balance sheets, tax reporting, and compliance with accounting standards.
  2. Insurance Coverage: Insurance companies often require an appraisal of equipment to establish the appropriate coverage and premiums. In case of damage, loss, or theft, the appraisal helps determine the amount of compensation.
  3. Asset Purchase or Sale: When buying or selling equipment, an appraisal is crucial to determine its fair market value. Sellers can set appropriate asking prices, and buyers can ensure they are paying a reasonable price.
  4. Business Valuation: In cases where a business is being valued for merger, acquisition, or other purposes, equipment is considered an integral part of the company’s assets. An appraisal helps in accurately assessing the overall value of the business.
  5. Loan Collateral: Lenders may require equipment appraisals when considering the equipment as collateral for loans. The appraisal helps the lender understand the asset’s value and mitigates risk.
  6. Equipment Upgrade or Disposal: Companies may need appraisals to decide whether it’s financially viable to upgrade existing equipment or dispose of it.
  7. Litigation Support: In legal disputes, equipment appraisals can be essential in determining the value of equipment involved, such as in divorce settlements, partnership dissolutions, or insurance claims.
  8. Financial Planning: Individuals or businesses may require equipment appraisals for estate planning, tax purposes, or to assess their overall net worth.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: Certain industries have regulations that require periodic equipment appraisals to ensure compliance.
Machinery and Equipment Appraiser


We offer several techniques to provide an accurate appraisal. We gather the Make, Model, Serial Number and Photograph. We offer the following Equipment Appraisal Services.

  1. Desktop Appraisal – Is a hypothetical determination of value based solely upon information provided by the client and conducted without the benefit of a physical inspection. Desktop appraisals are common due to time, travel, and cost considerations.
  2. On-Site Appraisal – We visit the site and inspect each piece of equipment and log the Make, Model, Serial Number and take a photograph. Many banks prefer an onsite inspection to ensure the equipment does exist.

All our appraisals are USPAP Compliant

Where in Ohio we offer Equipment Appraisals

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Services across the entire country and specifically in Ohio. We work in all major cities including Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Canton, Dayton, Athens, and all surrounding communities.

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July 28, 2023 3:57 pm

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