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Welcome to Truman Mox, your go-to expert for machinery and equipment appraisals in the heart of San Diego. Our team of seasoned professionals holds top-tier certifications, including Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) and Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser (EECA). As esteemed members of leading organizations like the Nebb Institute, Institute of Equipment Valuation, NACVA, and ASA, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled accuracy and excellence.

Our Distinctive Services:

Explore our diverse range of specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of San Diego businesses:

– Precision Machinery and Equipment Appraisals: Unlock the true value of your assets with our detailed assessments.

– Office Assets Evaluations: Optimize your office environment with comprehensive evaluations of your equipment and furnishings.

– Thorough Inventory Audits: Maintain impeccable inventory records with our meticulous audits.

Our Valued Clients:

Truman Mox proudly partners with a broad spectrum of clients in San Diego, including:

– Financial Powerhouses: Asset-based lenders, bankers, and investment firms.

– Legal Experts: Attorneys specializing in financial transactions and litigation. 

– Business Advisors: CPAs, business brokers, and merger & acquisition consultants.

Industries We Excel In:

Harness the power of Truman Mox’s expertise across various San Diego industries, such as:

– Construction and Urban Development

– Healthcare Innovations and Medical Technology

– Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

– Hospitality and Culinary Excellence

– Retail Pioneers and Wholesale Trade

– Transportation and Logistics Networks

Why Truman Mox Stands Out:

At Truman Mox, we deliver USPAP-compliant appraisal reports renowned for their depth, accuracy, and reliability. Our certified appraisers are committed to providing assessments that meet the stringent standards of regulatory bodies, legal entities, and financial institutions. Choose Truman Mox for appraisal services that bring transparency and confidence to your business endeavors in San Diego.

Your San Diego Machinery and Equipment Appraiser.

San Diego’s economy is primarily driven by its thriving biotechnology, healthcare, and defense sectors, with major employers including Illumina, Qualcomm, and the U.S. Navy. San Diego’s biotech industry is one of the largest in the country, with over 1,225 companies and organizations working in the field. In addition to this, the city is also home to a growing technology and startup scene, with a number of innovative companies emerging in recent years. The region’s strategic location and strong transportation infrastructure also make it a hub for logistics and manufacturing, with companies like Solar Turbines, General Atomics, and Taylor Guitars all operating in the area.

Numerous groups support Economic Business Growth in San Diego.

Pacific Community Ventures

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

We are the leading San Diego Machinery and Equipment Appraiser that services the entire Greater San Diego area.

Appraisal clients can trust Truman Mox, Inc. to provide accurate and timely appraisals. To begin the appraisal process, or to learn more about Truman Mox please call our certified appraisers at 888-494-3433 or fill out our contact form.